The His and Her Money Show

Rarely is a couple's argument one-sided. Even though money is one of the arguments that come up again and again, many times, money fights really aren't about money.

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we interview Cora Hietpas to talk to us about how to handle the dynamic of merging marriage and money successfully.

It is important for a couple to recognize each other's core values surrounding money. In many cases, values in money are different from each individual but are rarely talked about before and many years after committing to a relationship.

Cora emphasizes for couples to express their values in money as early as possible, in order to resolve any upcoming issues.

Cora also teaches us how to deal with complications if your spouse's value in money is different from yours. She believes that there has to be a coming-together, a compromise for each partner to lean-in toward one another, to get to that middle ground, and to reach a happy place for everyone.

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