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Building enough passive income to attain financial freedom is a goal many strive for. But it takes work. When you're just getting started, it can take time to get your mind around the concept of passive income and how it relates to the bigger picture of achieving financial freedom. Passive income is money you regularly earn from sources other than your primary job. It's often referred to as "unearned" income because it can be generated without any effort on your part after initial setup.

Passive income is not limited to just one source or type of income; there are several different types of passive income. In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Henry Washington, a real estate investor and advisor who has been in the industry for more than five years. He got into real estate to provide for his family since he was in a bad place, and everything worked out.

Henry Washington explains how we can generate passive income from real estate to attain financial freedom. He talks about how you can make your thought a reality, the importance of writing your thought down, and taking the first step in real estate investing. He also shares insights on evaluating good real estate deals and what new investors should focus on. Tune in to learn more!


What You Will Learn

  • How Henry got into real estate investing
  • Advice to people dreaming of attaining financial freedom
  • Making your thought a reality
  • Tips to make the first step in real estate investing
  • Tips for evaluating good deals in real estate
  • Figuring out the fair market rent for your clients
  • Pressing the accelerator in real estate investing
  • The things that new investors should focus on
  • The greenlight in real estate deals
  • How real estate investing has changed Henry’s life
  • Advice to those starting the real estate investing journey

Resources Mentioned

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