The His and Her Money Show

Today’s episode features Brian Dembowczyk discussing parenting and how to bring the bible into your children’s lives. Brian talks about mistakes that he made and what it feels like to feel unqualified to disciple your children.

Brain’s journey in the ministry has led him to a focus on equipping parents on how to better minister to their children. 

The discussion goes into depth about how to make your ministering fit for your family and your household. Things like having a discussion around the dinner table, praying together, and layering in opportunities to talk about God. Brian talks about structured times and unstructured times. 

Brain Dembowczyk is a minister and author specializing in bringing biblical teachings to children with realistic steps and goal setting. Brian is the managing editor of the gospel project at Lifeway Christian Resources, leading the kid’s team helping kids and parents introduce the scriptures. Brian has experience in student and family ministries.

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