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If you've been in the financial space for any time at all, then you've probably heard of cryptocurrencies -- or at the very least, you've at least heard the term Bitcoin bouncing around.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been steadily on the rise for years, and just like with most things, the nation is still a little bit divided. 

Some of us are all in on the idea of a digital currency, and some of us are skeptical, but a lot of us just haven't been paying attention -- and today we're here to change some of those numbers around!

For this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've brought in the man with all the answers on this topic for an in-depth conversation on Bitcoin!

Isaiah Jackson, the author of Bitcoin & Black America, jumped into the cryptocurrency space back in 2013 and since then has cultivated a wealth of knowledge that he's passionate about sharing across the globe!

With his background in tech and education, Isaiah immediately saw the potential that Bitcoin could hold -- particularly how cryptocurrencies, in general, could be a gamechanger for Black Americans. 


What You Will Learn

  • What is an NFT?
  • The beginner basics of investing and trading.
  • Why and when Isaiah first started to see the potential in Bitcoin for Black Americans.
  • A brief rundown of how Bitcoin ATMs work.
  • What the rise of cryptocurrencies could mean for the future of money.


Resources Mentioned

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