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The CFO of a company is the person who oversees all financial matters. They handle everything from payroll to taxes, and they're responsible for ensuring their company has enough money to keep it operational.

But what if I told you that you're also a CFO? That's right. You have a company, your household, and you're responsible for ensuring its finances are in order. If they aren't, then your family could be in deep trouble.

There are so many ways to start thinking differently about our finances and become chief financial officers of our homes. In this episode of His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Vince Carter, Founder of CFO at Home Podcast.

Vince shares some insights on how people can think differently about their finances to become CFOs of their homes. He talks about how he became CFO at home, identifying the CFO in the family, the starting line to financial freedom, the importance of understanding your partner’s money story, and the basics of becoming CFO of our homes. Tune in to learn more on this!

What You Will Learn:

  • The CFO at Home Podcast
  • How Vince became the CFO at home and the changes it made in his life
  • Why we should strive to become CFOs for our families
  • How to identify the CFO in the family
  • The starting line to financial freedom
  • The importance of understanding your partner’s money story
  • Tips for fighting financial problems in relationships
  • The strategies we should have in our financial world
  • Tips for making future goals and aspirations  without limiting our presence
  • The difference between success and failure in the journey to financial independence
  • The basics of becoming CFOs of our homes 

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