The His and Her Money Show
"Being a God Driven Entrepreneur" will help you master the ability to build a profitable and successful business from sound biblical principles. You will discover how much it takes to be effective and how to chart a course for your future prosperity.   

Welcome to the His and Hers podcast! We are joined by husband and wife Phil and Shae Bynes, founders of the Kingdom Driven LLC. Since they were 16, they've been together and are blessed with three daughters. Here to share with us about just the journey, the goodness of doing business, and partnership with God. 

Being God Driven Entrepreneur is about empowering and equipping Christian business owners to utilize their gifts, talents, and resources for the Glory of God.

It is about seeing God at work through everyday Christian business owners who use their gifts, talents, and resources to glorify God in their daily lives. Whether as a single mom balancing life, family, and work or a business owner starting that dream business.


What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding how God works.
  • How to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into our truth.
  • Cultivating an intimate relationship with God.
  • Getting the revelation of God’s love.
  • The impact and influence we have on others.
  • How to deal with complicated situations.
  • Trying to solve a problem alone versus getting a solution from God.
  • How to cultivate your faith.
  • Asking God identity questions about yourself. 
  • Common issues for entrepreneurs. 


Resources Mentioned:

Shae’s Book

Connect with Phil and Shae Bynes 




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