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Nobody is perfect. We're all out here with our own unique families, careers, and circumstances, figuring out how to juggle every aspect of our daily lives. And even when we think we've got it all figured out -- usually we don't! 

Things can go awry, or even just not the way you planned, ESPECIALLY when we're talking about children. Sometimes we can use a little guidance along the way, and that's okay!

Today on the His & Her Money Show, Justin Whitmel Earley is coming up to tell us all about his latest book, Habits of The Household. He shares hard-earned wisdom for all his fellow parents out there! 


What You Will Learn

  • Justin explains his "bedtime liturgy" system.
  • The pros and cons of screentime.
  • Rhythms vs. rules.
  • How to handle anger in the household.
  • Justin's strategy to total conflict resolution.


Resources Mentioned


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