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When it comes to commitment in the debt-free journey, there is commitment...and then there is the April Wesley level of commitment.

This is the kind of commitment that led April to do whatever it took to kick debt out of her life. Whether that was selling her car and riding the bus until she could afford to buy one, adopting a zero-based budget and not going over that budget even if she only had $3.00 left for food that week.

In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, you will hear about the incredible “getting out of debt” story of April Wesley. 



  • The life-altering moment that made April become a debt fighter
  • The important resource April turned to feed her new debt-free financial mindset (Hint: You’re reading about it right now)
  • The first steps April took to begin her debt-crushing lifestyle
  • Why you need boundaries in your personal finance journey
  • The unique way April built a money mindset while broke
  • The dramatic step that April took that shocked everyone
  • How to sell your car for the highest price...even if you still owe money for it
  • Dealing with criticism on your debt-free journey
  • Why April decided to sell her home (for a good profit) to knock thousands of dollars in debt



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