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In this era, “debt-free” and “going to college” are two words that never sound like they should go together, but Anthony O’ Neal believes that they can.

He also believes that we should stop allowing debt to enter the “college conversation” in the first place.

Anthony O’Neal shares why he takes this hard stance about debt and college and the steps you can take today to prepare your child for a better financial future.

Anthony also takes it a step further.

He also covers what parents can do if they are currently facing an “I don’t have enough (or anything) saved for my kids” situation. He shares what they can do to get their child ready for a brighter (and debt-free) future. 



  • Why it’s so important for students to go to college debt-free
  • How to break up with the idea that you need a student loan to go to college
  • How early should I prepare my kids for college?
  • How do I pick the right college that is affordable and valuable to my child’s future?
  • What conversations should we have with our kids about college?
  • What resources are out there to help parents and children make more informed decisions about college?
  • What if we haven’t saved enough for college?
  • Tips for managing your social media before & during your college years
  • What Anthony does each morning (and believes we should do) to own our morning



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